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Will a beach wheelchair work for us?

We often get calls from folks who are renting a beach wheelchair for the first time. Clearly, if you haven't rented one before, you may have questions and concerns about whether it is the right call to reserve and rent a beach wheelchair. After all, this is your hard-earned money we are talking about!

Here are some answers to the common questions we get from our first-time renters.

Does it push easily on the sand?

Yes, beach wheelchairs are specifically designed to be pushed on the sand. The large grey tires roll easily. Each chair is designed to hold a child or adult up to 250 lbs.

Do you have electric powered chairs? We do not offer motorized wheelchairs. We have found that the wear and tear on such expensive wheelchairs is not something that is compatible with our business model.

Can beach wheelchairs be pushed on the street?

Yes, for a short distance. We know that not everybody is staying on oceanfront property and that you may need to roll a short distance on pavement. We do not recommend trying to push on pavement further than a short span of 1-2 blocks, as not only can it damage the tires, but it is also difficult to push on pavement. These chairs roll best on the beach!

Do these chairs float?

NO! Beach wheelchairs are NOT floatation devices and no attempt should be made to roll into the water!

How much do the chairs weigh? Do they fold? How high are the seats? How big are they?

Beach wheelchairs weigh approximately 50 lbs. and they are not collapsible. They are specifically engineered for wheeling on the sand and do not fold or collapse any smaller than their regular size of 34" wide by 48" high by 51" long. The seats are 24" high and there is a footrest on each chair.

Do you offer umbrellas?

All of our rentals come with a personal shade umbrella and a lap belt! Additionally, each chair has a mesh bag on the back for easy transport of beach items.

What other questions do you have? Send us a comment and let us know, we love to be able to provide you with enough information up front so that you are comfortable in the knowledge that a beach wheelchair rental is right for you and your loved ones!

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